▷The Best CRM Software for 2022

What are the advantages of CRM?


The CRM makes available to the manager and salespeople all the information necessary for the completion of a sale.


Inventory and price information , a budget negotiation system with margins and discounts, as well as a complete analysis of customer purchases, are available in the system.


The tool also shows who the best customers are and offers the possibility of a loyalty card and rewards for the volume of purchases.

That way, you can boost sales.

See the main advantages of a CRM.


3 Benefits of CRM for Business

1- Organized and centralized information

It’s not uncommon to have employees bang their heads around looking for customer information, such as orders and contact numbers.

One of the main advantages of CRM for the company is that lost spreadsheets, documents and notes, which only a few employees have access to, give way to an organized file.

Thus, all information is centralized in one place, easily accessible to all employees.

2- Deeper knowledge of customers

By registering all relevant data about current or potential customers in an organized system, which centralizes all information, you can analyze and get to know your company’s audience better.

With this, it is possible to plan actions and promotions that are appropriate to the profile and consumption habits of the customers you want to reach.

3- Better use of time

Individualized work routines make entrepreneurs and employees lose valuable time on a daily basis.

Another of the advantages of CRM for the company is that practices such as sending birthday emails or direct mail are carried out by the tool.

The system segments customers by different needs and can perform specific actions for each group.

The sales team also saves time, as the salesperson can use the customer information available in the CRM in real time.

The 3 best CRM of the moment


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